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Service you can count on

POI Aviation is the aviation industry’s gateway to the Micronesia. Nestled in the middle of the Western Pacific
at the Francisco C. Ada-Saipan International Airport, POI AVIATION provides a wide range of ground handling
services for both private as well as commercial aircraft.

About POI

Pacific Oriental, Inc. is an independent Aircraft Ground Handling Company fully owned by Tanholdings which is an affiliate of Hong Kong-based Luenthai, a publicly listed company.
It has been in operation since July 1991 and has served all areas of ground handling services for Northwest Airlines, Asiana Airlines, United Airlines, Korean Air and other private airlines. Pacific Oriental Inc. name changed to POI Aviation to emphasize our expertise to the market we serve.

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Aviation Weather

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Social Responsibility

As a Tan Holdings company, we embrace the values of community work and true volunteerism.